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There Are 8 Styles of Genius. What's Yours?

  • UNDERSTAND YOUR UNIQUE TYPE - Deep dive into cognitive functions to discover how your mind is wired.
  • BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOU - Gain powerful and applicable insights to craft a personal development path tailored to you.
  • SHOW UP TO BUSINESS AND RELATIONSHIPS - Bring your optimized self as a true partner in your relationships and become self-determined in your career.
There is no One-Size-Fits-All solution to "Hacking" Your Personality. Hence why we've put together this powerful assessment. So you can understand how people tick and learn how to connect and relate to others. Opening doors to NEW opportunities.

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A System Backed by Science and Research

Former UCLA professor, and personality typology expert Dario Nardi, has been doing research on the neuroscience of personality. His work with EEG machines and brainwave scans have indicated that the once soft science of personality typology can actually be measured in brainwave activity.

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